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Pro-Healthcare Servicing LLC

8315 Lee Highway, Suite 202
Fairfax, VA 22031

Phone:   (703) 574-6008
Fax:       (703) 352-2294
Skilled Nursing

You no longer need to travel to a medical facility like a hospital or a nursing home to get health services from a skilled nurse. With your physician’s recommendation, the skilled nurse will be the one to visit your home instead.

Skilled Nursing services can include:

  • evaluation of patient's condition
  • designing a nursing plan of care
  • administration of rehabilitative care
  • wound care
  • infusion therapy
  • injection (IM, Labs)
  • catheter care

Please call us to inquire about a schedule or the available care options for you. Contact us by phone through 703- 574-6008.

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